Mobility in Potsdam – 2nd survey round

Since July 2017, the city of Potsdam has implemented a temporary traffic measure on the Zeppelinstrasse.

To understand how residents and commuters of Brandenburg’s capital perceive this measure, researchers at the IASS are conducting an anonymous questionnaire-based survey.

This is the second survey round. All people living in Potsdam or the surrounding region are welcome to participate in this research study. (The survey is only available in German).

Click HERE to participate in the online-questionnaire.
Duration: 12. February – 12. March 2018.

Please note:

This anonymous online survey is supported by the Potsdam based initiative „Besser Mobil. Besser Leben.”. However, the survey was not contracted by the city and is therefore not the foundation of the decision-making process. The results will be shared with the city administration and the public.

For more information about this research project, click here.