Black Carbon Project

The aim of this project was to collect existing black carbon data from all over Germany, from all federal states. The first step was then an assessment of which data exists, followed by an assessment of the data type and quality. Since measurement of black carbon is voluntary and reporting is not mandatory, these data represent a hidden treasure for the scientific community.

Collected data (covering 12 federal states, plus data from the German Ultrafine Aerosol Network and Environment Agency) were organized into a small database for better data management. The project is completed and the results are published.

Long-term monitoring of black carbon across Germany

An article about general information of black carbon and it´s effect on public health can be found here.

This work and its prelimitary results were presented at the EGU in Vienna and AGU in San Francisco in 2016.

AGU Presentation, San Francisco, 2016



EGU Contribution, Vienna, 2016, Session AS3.24 - Urban air quality