Science-Policy Dialogues


From its inception, ClimPol has collaborated with a variety of NGOs and city partners to support coordinated, scientifically informed, policy development with a focus on Germany and the EU. One of the ways in which the ClimPol project does this is through science-policy dialogues (or aka expert discussions). These are events focused on a specific topic that are often particularly relevant to the current policy process where the scientific foundation or new scientific knowledge is relevant to the decisions to be made. These dialogues aim to bring together the relevant decision-makers, scientific experts, and members of civil society for a discussion on the underlying science and policy options. A number of these events have been organized in collaboration with Deutsche Umwelthilfe in Berlin, or also with partners in Brussels.

For more information on previous dialogues, see the various ‘expert discussions’ under past projects. Published policy briefs are also available under publications.