Prototype Integrated Decision-Support Tool for Air Quality and Climate Measures

Prototype Integrated Decision-Support Tool for Air Quality and Climate Measures
Air quality Climate
CO2 emissions Energy efficency Noise pollution Emissions Displacement (energy source: conventional) ? Emissions Displacement (energy source: renewables) ?
Transport Buses Exchange conventional diesel buses with urban CNG buses HD Euro II - 91/542/EEC II
++ ++
Exchange conventional diesel buses with Urban diesel buses HD Euro IV - 2005
++ ++ ++ +
Replace Urban diesel buses HD Euro III - 2000
with Urban diesel buses HD Euro IV - 2005
++ ++ ±
Replace gasoline vehicles by Diesel vehicles
+ +
Replace gasoline vehicles by PHEV central motor
+ ++ ++ + ± ++
Replace gasoline vehicles by FCEV central motor
++ ++ ++ + ± ++
Replace gasoline vehicles by bicycle NA ++ ++ ++ +
Replace gasoline vehicles by pedelec NA ++ ++ ++ +
Energy Green
Replace traditional roof by extensive green roof (thin soil application; light plant weight from e.g. mosses, grasses, sedums) NA + + + +
Replace traditional roof by intensive green roof (relative thick soil application, heavier plants, considering of static loadability) NA + ++ + +

++ very positive expectations (above 35% of positive change compared to the initial situation)
+ positive expectations
± no significant change expected
negative expectations
no data or not relevant
CNG Compressed natural gas
HD Heavy-duty
PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
FCEV Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
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? Click for more information
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