Open-air fence exhibition

As of Saturday, 19 January, an open-air exhibition can be visited at the large, red construction fence in Potsdam’s city center. Research projects from Potsdam are on display that exemplify the diverse research landscape in the city.

On each of the twenty panels, a scientific institution presents itself, explaining what is being researched, who the researchers are and where they research. Our ClimPol project, which deals with the measurement of air quality in Potsdam and the surrounding area by bike, is also on show. 

The exhibition was organized by the association ProWissen, which represents university and non-university research institutions in Potsdam. The exhibition on the fence brings the rich scientific landscape of the city of Potsdam to life.

Exhibition period
January 19 to August 31, 2019

Construction fence between Bildungsforum Potsdam and Landtag Brandenburg (Friedrich-Ebert-Straße von)

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