Report on Survey accompanying the CITY CYCLING Initiative

Following the successful completion of a survey investigating the cycling habits, motivations, and preferences of participants to the CITY CYCLING initiative between May and October of 2018, the final report containing the results has now been published. Among the various findings of the study are two main results that are worth highlighting here:

1) The pool of participants to the CITY CYCLING initiative is composed mostly of dedicated cyclists, who already ride their bicycles regularly throughout the week and most of the year. Although the CITY CYCLING initiative improves the visibility of cycling as an environmentally friendly mobility alternative, it will need to find another approach to help encourage car drivers to switch to cycling.

2) Wide, clean, level, well-lit, and continuous bicycle lanes are key components of good bicycling infrastructure, as identified by the majority of participants in this study. Furthermore, greater funding for and implementation of such infrastructure in cities and towns across Germany is strongly desired.

For more details on the results of this study, please download and read the report here (for now in German only).

We would especially like to thank the director of the CITY CYCLING initiative André Muno for his continued support for this study.