SLCP Milestones

In the following, a short overview of developments in the area of SLCPs is given. It contains brief information on scientific projects, seeking to improve knowledge about SLCPs, on reports on scientific evidence gained about properties and impacts of SLCPs, on initiatives, aiming to reduce SLCP and precursor emissions with specific measures, and on international conventions, targeting specific actions facing the SLCP challenge.

The descriptions of the different 'milestones' stick to the original notation of the respective initiative. As an example, the frequently used term Short-Lived Climate Forcer (SLCF) describes in general the same class of substances as the term used by the ClimPol project, Short-Lived Climate-forcing Pollutants (SLCP), even though in some cases specific compounds might not be included by the referenced authors.

Follow the links to learn about the developments until 2010 and from 2011 onward.